Exciting new visitation update:

We are happy to be able to relax restrictions based on current CDC and DHS updates and will be able to welcome visitors back into our resident’s apartments. The written guidance for assisted living will be coming out soon, however, they gave us enough information on our call today that we are able to start our planning. We are going to be adopting our new policy next Friday April 2nd, to reflect the two-week period of time we need after our last COVID clinic for our residents to be considered fully vaccinated. As with any regulatory/policy change we have lots of information to go over to ensure that we are opening responsibly. We will do our best to break the sections down to make the information easily assessable as possible. However, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

General house rules in regard to visitation

Starting Friday April 2nd, our hours for visitation will be 8am-8pm. Per state guidelines all visitors must still perform screening and wear a mask for the entirety of their visit regardless of vaccination status. We recommend no more than 4 visitors come at one time to help ensure enough space in the apartments for social distancing. Children are also allowed to visit as long as they wear a mask if they are over the age of 2, per CDC guidelines. We will be able to continue this new policy as long as we have no active outbreaks in our facility, we maintain a resident vaccination rate of above 70% and the county positivity levels remain at a level our local public health are comfortable with.

How screening will be performed

During the first two weeks of April, we will have a screener at the Manor II main entrance instead of in the visitation suite as that will no longer be needed. See dates and times below. We recommend coming when a screener if present if this is your first time coming to our facility and will need assistance finding the apartment. If you are planning to visit outside of the times a screener will be present, please plan to wait for our floor staff to be able to assist with getting you screened and assist you into the building. We appreciate your patience while waiting for our staff, our floor staff’s first responsibility is to care for residents, so visitors may be waiting around 10 minutes.


We are going to be brining back the ability for our families/frequent visitors to use out FOB system to come and go from our buildings. This is the system where we issue a FOB to those individuals and they are able to then come and go from our building by using the fob on their own, without the need for staff to “buzz them in”. In order to be able to use the FOB system those individuals will need to perform a screening competency check off and sign some paperwork prior to being issued a working FOB. We ask that you come during the listed times when a screener is present to assist you with that paperwork. If you are unable to come during one of those designated times, please contact our front office to set up a time to do this paperwork. Our floor staff will not be able to complete it with visitors. For those of you that currently have FOBs, please plan to turn that in the day you complete your paperwork and we will issue you a new activated FOB. For those that the FOB system will be new to, if you have any other question please let us know. Once an individual has been assigned a FOB they are able to access the Manor I, II or III main entrances and perform the screening process at those doors. Reminder, our doors are alarmed even when exiting. For the safety of our residents, make sure that no one is following you out the doors when you are exiting without ensuring they are safe to leave via a staff member.

Anyone who does not have a FOB will need to continue to come to the Manor II main entrance for assistance in and out of the building.

Visiting without a FOB & outside the times that a screener is present

If you are coming when a screener is not present, we ask that you fill out the screening paperwork at the Manor II main entrance, you will see it in the entry way, and then use the call button to call staff after you are done filling it out. The staff will then grant your access to the building. When you are planning to leave, please have the resident you are visiting use their FOB to let you out or have them use their call button to alert staff that you would like to be let out. Reminder, our doors are alarmed even when exiting for the safety of our residents.

Resident Fobs

All residents that currently have FOBs that were active in the past and are still safe to have an active FOB, will be turned back on as of April 2nd. If you have questions about your specific FOB please see the front office.

Dos and Do nots of visits

We are excited for everyone to be able to have in apartment visits again. We are also hoping that now that family members will be able to come in again, we can get some help with assisting out residents in some spring cleaning/decluttering. We know that this has been a popular request and we are also looking forward to the help as most of our residents prefer family not our staff to help with this task. We also want to remind everyone that eating should not take place as it would require the removal of masks. Also, we are only able to permit visits in apartments. Visitors are not able to be in common areas other than going to and from the room. Visitors should also limit in person communication with staff and other residents per DHS guidelines to minimize possible exposure.


We know that this was a lot of information and encourage you to call with any questions! This is a big step towards normal and we very excited about that step!

Thank you!

Jessica Atkinson


Currently the following times are when our screeners are scheduled. Our main office will also be open 8-4:30 Monday- Friday.


April 2nd– 10-3

April 3rd– 10-4:30

April 4th– 10-4:30

April 6th– 1-5

April 7th– 10-3

April 8th– 10-3

April 10th– 10-4:30

April 11th– 10-4:30