Pastoral Care & Support


Woodside Senior Communities has a long history of providing faith-based services for older adults.  While we do have a proud Lutheran heritage, we serve people of all faiths.

With a full-time Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Lutheran pastor and a beautiful Chapel on our campus, residents receive pastoral care and support along with regularly scheduled worship services and Bible studies.  In addition, people of all faiths are offered spiritual enrichment through visiting clergy and volunteers.

To learn more about our pastoral and spiritual care programs and worship services, call 920.405.3241 today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome in worship!  Our Sunday and Thursday worship services are for all faiths.  For those wishing to attend a Catholic Mass, we do offer Mass on Wednesday mornings.

Yes!  All those who are baptized and believe that Jesus is present in the bread and wine are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

Yes!  Our Sunday and Thursday worship services can be viewed on channel 955 at 10:00 AM across the Woodside campus.

Importance of Pastoral Care on Our Campus

Meet Our Director of Pastoral Services

Steve Apfel

Steve Apfel


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