Woodside has a long history of faith-based service to seniors. Although we are proudly sponsored by the Lutheran Church, all denominations are welcome. We offer a full-time pastor who attends to the spiritual needs of our residents and offers regular church services, Bible studies and individual care. All denominations are offered spiritual enrichment at Woodside with various visiting clergy and volunteers. Our Pastor also provides spiritual care to the tenants of Woodside Manor, Woodside Oaks, Woodside Haven, and Woodside Villa.

Religious Services

Weekly worship services are held in our lovely Woodside chapel.

  • Sunday Worship for all faiths
  • Bible study for all faiths
  • Catholic mass
  • Hymns and devotions for all faiths

Woodside Chapel

The beautiful chapel at Woodside has become known as a place of special gatherings. Community gatherings, special events and religious services are held here.

Bible Studies 

Regardless of your religion or denomination, we are committed to serving you in a respectful and sensitive manner. Our seniors enjoy weekly Bible studies that encourage spiritual growth and a sense of community.