Therapy & Rehabilitation Services



At Woodside Senior Communities our dedicated team of therapy professionals provide a wide array of services for our residents as well as community members.  If you are coming for a short stay following a hospitalization or need therapy for a painful shoulder or hip, our therapy team is here to help you reach your wellness goals!

From physical to occupational to speech therapy, we will help you get back to being as healthy as possible.  To learn more about our therapy and rehabilitation services, call 920.499.1481 today!


Our bright and spacious therapy gym includes private treatment rooms for one-to-one work with your therapist.  Electrical stimulation equipment for pain control, neuromuscular re-education and strengthening; Vitastim therapy for swallowing issues; and iBalance training system for balance improvement are also available to aid you in your rehabilitation.

Our state-of-the-art therapy center includes a fully functional model apartment for a realistic approach to therapy and a car for transfers to help regain independence.

Woodside Lutheran Home Therapy Patient Success Story

Nicole Prokash, OTR/Rehab Director, shared the following about Woodside Lutheran Home therapy patient, Marty, on his journey to regaining health and wellness:

Marty came to us following a complicated reverse shoulder replacement.  He was doing well with his rehab and then endured more complications and had to undergo another shoulder replacement.  Marty needed two people to complete his transfers and complete assistance for all his activities of daily living.  He was in an immobilizer and had severe swelling throughout his entire arm.  Marty was discouraged for a bit because of his slow progress, but then remembered he has 10 children and 26 grandchildren that he is very proud of, that are encouraging and rooting him on.  Now, Marty needs just a little help with his activities of daily living and walks with someone just next to him.  He is back to being very active and involved in every activity and as much therapy as he possible can get.  With the hard work Marty and his therapists (Judy and Sara) put in, Marty is now preparing for possibly returning home soon to be back with his wife, children and grandchildren.  Great job Marty and team!  We wish you continued good health and much happiness with your family!!!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy services are available seven days per week, with physical, occupational, speech and language therapies to meet all individual requirements.

Our team of therapists can help with conditions including:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fractures & Joint Replacements
  • Falls and Pain Management
  • Neurological Issues
  • Dementia & Cognitive Disorders

Yes! Call 920.405.3531 for more information.